Varied Thrush Still in Cedar Valley
Varied Thrush  - Cedar Falls, Iowa

This Varied Thrush, usually found in the West and Alaska is still coming to a feeder in Cedar Falls. See the Sightings page for details.

Update: Senate passed SF548 by 32-17 vote

Several legislators have acknowledged how important it is for constituents to continue to voice their opinions about this bill as it goes to the HouseCall or email your legislators or consider sending a message to all Representativesand make your voice heard. 

Remember Chickadee Check-Off Supports Wildlife Conservation
Add a few dollars to your Iowa tax return to help support wildlife conservation. See more details here.

Observe Weird Beaks on Birds? Report it to scientists...
At our January 2019 PRAS program, Ken Heiar presented a fascinating program about the different shaped beaks that birds have. During his program Ken also showed us photos of birds with odd looking beaks...there is a condition called avian keratin disorder (AKD). AKD is characterized by debilitating beak overgrowth and other abnormalities of keratinized tissues. Affected birds have difficulty feeding and preening, and may suffer high rates of mortality.
If you see a bird that has an oddly formed beak, please report it to help advance scientific knowledge. Here is the link to report your observations to the research team on the Beak Deformities in Landbirds website

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