314 Species At Risk: Cerulean Warbler
Photo courtesy Creative Commons, US Fish & Wildlife

Cerulean Warblers reside in Iowa, notably they can be found in the Northeast Iowa, particularly the Sny Magill Complex on the Mississippi River, which was named a Globally Important Bird Area in 2014. 

Fun facts about Cerulean Warblers:
  • Females frequently exit their canopy nests by tumbling from the nest. In doing so, the female resembles a leaf falling from a tree until, just above the forest floor, she untucks her wings and swiftly flies off parallel to the ground.
  • The Cerulean Warbler's population is dropping faster than any other warbler species in the U.S.
  • A group of warblers has many collective nouns, including a "bouquet", "confusion", or a "fall" of warblers. -- iBird Pro 3.1
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Cleaning up the Wapsi!
Dan Cohen, Director, Buchanan County Conservation Board

Hundreds of river paddlers, outdoor enthusiasts, and caretakers of the natural world will be in Independence the week of July 11 to participate in Project AWARE – Iowa’s largest annual volunteer river cleanup.  This year’s goal is to remove as much litter and other junk from the Wapsipinicon River as is humanly possible while on a five-day, 65-mile route from Independence to Olin.
Prior to the official start of the event, there will be a Project AWARE Pre-Event Cleanup. 
Beginning approximately 5.5 miles upstream of Independence and ending at Bathing Beach Park in Independence.  The pre-event cleanup is being coordinated by the Buchanan County Conservation Board, and anyone interested in joining the effort needs to pre-register by calling the Conservation Board office (319-636-2617). Participants will meet at 9:30 a.m., at Bathing Beach Park in Independence (Access #160).  Canoes may be reserved at no charge, and a carpool shuttle will take volunteers to the put-in location.  The morning cleanup should last a couple hours.

The official Project AWARE kickoff will begin following the morning cleanup, at 1:30 p.m. at the Independence High School.  Registrants will be able to choose from a variety of programs, including: Canoe Skills and Safety Clinic; Rowley Fen Tour; Tour of the Wapsipinicon Feed Mill; or Poison Ivy: Plant Identification, Prevention, & Treatment.  Supper will be provided to volunteers at the High School, followed by a group welcome and introduction.
Sunday morning, volunteers will launch at Knott's Landing, and begin paddling and cleaning up the river.  Each day of the event will include cleaning the river by day and enjoying fun programs in the evening.  Three meals a day are provided, along with a commemorative t-shirt.  Project AWARE coordinators take care of shuttling people and canoes throughout the event.To register, visit ProjectAWARE.aspx.  

Black-throated Green Warbler  Photo courtesy of Tom Schilke

PRAS Bird-A-Thon 2015
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