Wednesday Morning Birding now scheduled through October. See our Field Trips page for details about upcoming events.

Canfield Bird Garden Ribbon Cutting - Fri. Sept 21st @ 4 p.m. - George Wyth State Park
At our September PRAS meeting, three articulate young Girl Scouts shared information about the Silver Award they completed over the summer. The project consisted of the girls working with local blacksmith Andy Shimick to create an iron tree that holds 20 bird feeders This structure will be featured in the Canfield Bird Garden in George Wyth State Park. Each young woman also did research on their favorite bird and enjoyed learning about avian species. 

The ribbon cutting for the Canfield Bird Garden at George Wyth State Park will take place this Friday, September 21st at 4pm at Canfield. Please come and witness what a small group of people created and learn how it will continue to grow and give.

Due to potential flooding, George Wyth staff said that the ceremony may be held at the entrance depending on water level. Please wear boots, grubby jeans and be prepared for walking in muddy water.  BRING BUG SPRAY!
Hope to see you all this Friday at 4 p.m. Meet at the entrance if the park is closed and gather with others for the ceremony.

Read, listen and learn about birds:
Fall migration is at hand...light pollution is perilous to migrating birds. Read this New York Times article to see what measures were taken during the recent 9/11 events that helped to reduce bird fatalities.

Here is a podcast from NPR titled Birdcast: Predicting Bird Migrations

Iowa Outdoor online has a nice article on one of PRAS's premiere birding hotspots, Sweet Marsh in Bremer County. Make sure you come to our PRAS meeting in November as Brian Button, editor of Iowa Outdoors will be our featured speaker.

Bird Food Fund Needs Replenished...
PRAS supports bird feeders at several different locations in the Cedar Valley including at Hartman Reserve, George Wyth State Park, Cedar Falls Visitor Center and Cedar Valley Hospice.  These bird feeders bring enjoyment to many people, plus we are feeding lots of birds of various species!  Any contribution is helpful.  Please send to:

Prairie Rapids Audubon Society
P.O. Box 682
Waterloo, IA 50704

You will receive a receipt acknowledging your monetary contribution via mail. All contributions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

Buying Federal Duck Stamps is among the simplest ways that anyone can participate in wildlife and habitat conservation. Duck Stamps are a required annual purchase for waterfowl hunters 16 and older, and a current duck stamp grants the bearer free entrance into any national wildlife refuge that charges an entry fee. But whether you are a hunter, birder or other outdoors enthusiast or you simply want to help preserve our natural resources for future generations to enjoy, you can contribute to conservation by buying Duck Stamps.

You may often purchase duck stamps at sporting goods stores that sell hunting and fishing licenses. Call your local post office and ask if they have duck stamps for sale.  You may also buy them online from the American Birding Association.

Information from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website for Duck Stamps. 

Have you contributed to our BIRD-A-THON campaign? It's not too late...contributions at any level are appreciated.

Our birders set a new record: 225 species observed! Click here to get a print-friendly PDF of the 2018 Bird-A-Thon pledge form. See photos below of some of the great species included in our 2018 count.
Common Nighthawk, Greenbelt Lake, May 9th - Photo by Mike Tompkins

Golden-winged Warbler, Hartman Reserve  Photo by Kenneth Heiar

Prothonotary Warbler at Hickory Hills Park   Photo by Kenneth Heiar

Prairie Warbler at George Wyth State Park  Photo by Tom Schilke
2018 Grant Project Funds Awarded
Your donations are working to make a difference to birds, people and habitats. See our Making a Difference page for more details.

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