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In the Sky: September 2022
Of special interest is the appearance of Jupiter in the evening sky and the
Milky Way rising from the "teapot" in Sagittarius (the Archer) to split
the sky.

Wednesday Morning Birding Starts in September
See details on the Field Trips page.

Fall Migration Has Arrived!
Ruby-throated Hummingbird   Photo by Stephanie Kleiner

Baltimore Oriole  Photo by Stephanie Kleiner

Bluebird Hatchling

1st Eastern Bluebird hatchlings @ Roberts Wildlife Area, Buchanan County   Photo by David Voigts

Bird-A-Thon 2022: Species Observed
Thanks to all who joined us for our field trips! Spring migrants did not disappoint! Help support our efforts as we seek to raise funds to support our educational and conservation projects.

Crow nest - Cedar Falls   Photo by Bill Schuerman

Great Horned Owlets   Photo by John McCormick

Sandhill Cranes - Sweet Marsh Observed during Midwest Crane Count, April 9, 2022  Photo by Tom Moon

Common Loon  Photo by Scott Garrett

American White Pelican  Photo by Scott Garrett

Osprey  Photo by Scott Garrett

Trumpeter Swans at Big Woods Lake - Dec 2021  Photo by Scott Garrett

Song on a Wire - Wikimedia Commons
Bird Flight Patterns and Music Concert Program
You are now able to access the online concert video and curriculum (see link and password below-posted with permission by the copyright holder).
The link provides the full concert video and online curriculum with activities, lessons, extra musical performances, composer interviews and educational games. 
This resource will remain active through June 2022 (for one year), so utilize it for your programs, personal edification working with your children or grandchildren to teach them about music and birds!

Password:  BFPMC  (case sensitive)

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