Wednesday Morning Birding Oct 20th
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Bird Migration Forecast Maps Available Till November 15th 

REAP Region 7 Assembly
OCT 26, 2021 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
Hartman Reserve Nature Center
657 Reserve Dr, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

Someone is needed to attend the Region 7 REAP Assembly. This is a great place to share your voice with others interested in conservation for Iowa's resources.

Birdability Week - October 18-24, 2021
Birdability Week is a celebration of birders with disabilities and other health concerns, and an opportunity to share resources and ideas to help the birding community be accessible, inclusive and welcoming to everybody and every body.

There are nine Birdability rated birding places in the PRAS service area; at least one site in each of the six counties. These include: Fontana Nature Center Trail, Buchanan County; Rolling Prairie Trail-Heery Wood Loop, Butler County; Wapsi River Greenbelt - Sweet Water Trail, Bremer County; Grundy County Lake, Grundy County; Prairie Lakes - Cedar Falls and two segments of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail in Black Hawk County; Pine Lake State Park and Sac & Fox Overlook, Hardin County.

From the Birdability website: 
"The Birdability Map is a crowdsourced map that describes in detail the accessibility features of birding locations all over the world. It is a work-in-progress, and anyone can contribute to it by submitting a Birdability Site Review (click the link to download a site checklist).

Lack of accessibility information should not be a barrier to those who want to get outside. But information on how accessible parks, hiking trails, and birding locations are is frequently incomplete or non-existent, making it difficult for people who experience accessibility challenges to find places to go birding. The purpose of the Birdability Map is to allow people with disabilities and other health concerns access to this information ahead of time, to help them decide if a location is one they would like to visit… but remember, you won’t truly know until you go!

The Birdability Map is an ongoing collaboration between Birdability and National Audubon. Birdability is a brand new nonprofit whose mission is to share the joys of birding with people who have disabilities and other health concerns. To learn more about Birdability, visit the Birdability website and explore the many resources about accessible and inclusive birding for people with disabilities and other health concerns."

Driftless Region Ecology

by Larry Reis, Naturalist and Resource Manager

Winneshiek County Conservation

Watch recording - presentation starts around the 9:46 minute mark. Article referenced in discussion after Mr. Reis's presentation: NPR's Here and Now: Iowa Sierra Club Tries to Stop Massive Cattle Feedlot in Driftless Area Concerned citizens should contact their local legislators at this point to try and put a hold on Supreme Beef’s CAFO in the Bloody Run headwaters.

About the program: Larry Reis will discuss what makes the Driftless Region different from the rest of Iowa and how its karst topography affects the landscape and the flora and fauna living there. Algific talus slopes, oak savannas, goat prairies, and fens are host to some special plants and animals that are adapted to those environments. Numerous springs feed into the area’s cold-water streams and scenic rivers, offering visitors to the area some attractive outdoor opportunities. Many people visit the Driftless Region every year to enjoy the fine deer hunting, trout fishing and kayaking found here. The autumn in particular provides enjoyment of spectacular fall colors. As part of the Mississippi Flyway, the Driftless Region affords birders the opportunity to observe the migratory species that make the round-trip each year as they pass through from their breeding grounds in Canada and the northern United States to their wintering grounds along the Gulf of Mexico and in Central and South America. 

About our presenter: Larry Reis, Naturalist and Resource Manager with Winneshiek County Conservation, grew up in the Driftless Region and spent his younger years fishing for trout and smallmouth bass or hunting for fossils. He attended Luther College and UNI where he majored in Biology and Environmental Science. Larry has worked at Winneshiek County Conservation for 39 years. He continues to enjoy fishing for trout and hunting for fossils in his spare time. Larry is the author of Noting Nature: Observations and Lessons from the Midwest’s Metamorphosing Landscape, a 200+-page book based on his collecting of data and notes on nature over a period of many years. Check out the Winneshiek County Conservation YouTube channel to enjoy short episodes featuring Larry’s photography and commentary on all facets of nature in the habitat in which he lives and works. The series is appropriately titled “Noting Nature in Winneshiek County.” Larry also generously shares his photos on the PRAS Flickr account; see the Photos link on the PRAS website.

In the Sky: Oct 2021
October will be a special month in the sky because NASA has designated October 16th as International Observe the Moon Night.

"Come, take a look at the Moon."
         - John Dobson, originator of the first public star party

Enjoy -- David Voigts, PRAS Board Member

Ivory-billed Woodpecker & Other Bird Species Declared Extinct

American Goldfinch with photobombing bee!  Photo by John McCormick

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Song on a Wire - Wikimedia Commons
Bird Flight Patterns and Music Concert Program
You are now able to access the online concert video and curriculum (see link and password below-posted with permission by the copyright holder).
The link provides the full concert video and online curriculum with activities, lessons, extra musical performances, composer interviews and educational games. 
This resource will remain active through June 2022 (for one year), so utilize it for your programs, personal edification working with your children or grandchildren to teach them about music and birds!

Password:  BFPMC  (case sensitive)


Osprey at Greenbelt Lake - Waterloo  Photo by John McCormick

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