Birding Links

Iowa Birds & Birding (Iowa Ornithologists' Union)
BirdCast: Bird migration forecasts in real time during the migration season.
New! Birdability - Help compile details about trails that are accessible for all.
New! The Birding Co-op - A diverse, ambitious and supportive community who wants to make the birding world a better place.

Bird-Friendly Ideas

Advocate for Bird Conservation - American Bird Conservancy
Bird-Friendly Life - American Bird Conservancy
Waterloo, Iowa - Iowa's 1st Bird Friendly Community
Bird Friendly Iowa
Survival By Degrees- Bird & Climate Visualizer Tool
Climate Action Handbook
National Audubon Climate Special Report
Plant Native Species for Birds
Vulnerable Birds in Black Hawk County

Birdcams, Wildlife Cams, Podcasts & Blogs, Etc. - (Birdcams are seasonal; check back if they are not live)

Decorah Eagle Cam, Raptor Resource Project, Decorah, Iowa
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdcams - Find the Panama Fruit Feeder cam & others here

Dubuque County Peregrine Falcon Cam, Dubuque County, Iowa
Great Horned Owl Cam - International Owl Center, Houston, MN
Great Gray Owl Nest Cam - Owl Resarch Institute
Long-eared Owl Nest Cam - Owl Research Institute
Monterey Bay Aquarium Aviary Cam - Plus, look for the link to the jellyfish cams!

Talkin' Birds - Radio show about wild birds, birding and the beauty of nature
New! BirdNote -  Enjoy a 2 minute daily audio broadcast about birds, birding and nature
New! Bring Birds Back - Podcast about the joy of birds & simple things we can do to help them
New! Threatened - Podcast about answering the call to protect birds and habitat
New! Always Be Birding - Podcast about how we bird, where we bird and who is birding
New! She Explores - Podcast by and about inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road and besides
New! She Goes Outdoors - Iowa DNR's own Rachel Alliss co-hosts this podcast

Speaking of Nature - Photo blog by PRAS Board member, Kenneth Heiar
Ladage Photography - Photo blog by PRAS member, Kip Ladage
New! The Prairie Ecologist - Photo blog by Chris Helzer (Catch his talk Nov 9, 2021)
"Song on a Wire"  Wikikmedia Commons
Bird Flight Patterns and Music Concert Program
You are now able to access the online concert video and curriculum (see link and password below-posted with permission by the copyright holder).
The link provides the full concert video and online curriculum with activities, lessons, extra musical performances, composer interviews and educational games. 
This resource will remain active through June 2022 (for one year), so utilize it for your programs, personal edification working with your children or grandchildren to teach them about music and birds!

Password:  BFPMC  (case sensitive)

Identification Sites
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
All About Birds - Online Birds Guide
New! Merlin - Cornell Lab of Ornithology 
Audubon's Online Guide to North American Birds  
Birding Basics & Tips to Improve ID Skills 
Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching
Birding by Ear Feb 2017 PRAS Presentation Handout
Xeno-canto: Sharing bird sounds from around the world
Downloadable Bird ID Posters: Common Feeder Birds & Hummingbirds

Eastern Sparrow Facial Markings-ID Help
Duck Facial Markings-ID Help
Shorebird Facial Markings-ID Help
Plover Facial Markings-ID Help
Woodpecker Facial Markings-ID Help
Warbler Facial Markings-ID Help
Warbler Identification Guide
Warbler ID Tips -- Warbler ID Quiz

PRAS Basic Bird ID Tips: Christmas Bird Count Edition

Birding Listservs--What's Being Seen by Other Birders

Iowa Ornithologists' Union - Iowa Bird Listserv -- Join the listserv to see Iowa sightings or find the link to read messages without joining
Surfbirds: The World Birding Website -- Search for Iowa or any other state or country

Birding Festivals

Birding Festivals - Posted on Cornell Lab of Ornithology website -- Scroll down to see the current listings for birding festivals.

Other Links of Interest

New! Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Iowa Iowa DNR program 
Prairie Rapids Audubon YouTube Channel - Find recordings of our Zoom programs.