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2017 Newsletters & Minutes of General Meeting
January 2017: A Watershed Approach to Improving the Cedar River - Mary Beth Stevenson, Shane Wulf, & Josh Balk
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

February 2017: Bird Song: The Basics of Identifying Birds by Ear - Scott Garrett and Candace Havely
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

March 2017: Costa Rica Adventures - Bruce Plakke and PRAS Members
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

April 2017: Althea Sherman Chimney Swift Tower - Linda & Robert Scarth
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

May 2017: Madagascar-The 8th Continent, Part 1 - Paul Roisen
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

September 2017: Pollinators in Iowa: Conservation and Management Strategies to Preserve Wild Bees - Ashley St. Clair
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

October 2017: Tales of a World Birder - Dr. Stephen Dinsmore
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

2016 Newsletters & Minutes of General Meeting
January 2016: Northern Rockies - Bruce Plaake, Tom Schilke, Tom Moon, PRAS Members

February 2016: Gardening for Butterflies & Pollinators - Donald Lewis
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

March 2016: Spring Ephermerals - Kenny Slocum

Minutes from PRAS General Meeting
April 2016: Training Your Warbler Eyes - Tyler Harms
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

May 2016:  Beauty Around Us - Kip Ladage 

September 2016: Winged Jewels: Dragonflies & Damselflies of Iowa - Ann Johnson
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

October 2016: Ensuring The Riches of Heritage Valley (Allamakee County) - Bill Witt and Brian Kanhauser
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

November 2016: The Role of Citizen Scientists in Bald Eagle Conservation in Iowa - Stephanie Shepherd
Minutes from PRAS General Meeting

2015 Newsletters
January 2015: Natural History and Identification of Iowa's Shorebirds - Steve Dinsmore

February 2015: Florida Adventures - PRAS members

March 2015: Loon Magic - Ty Smedes

April 2015: Bird Nests: A Tour of Avian Architecture - Bruce Ehresman

May 2015: Fight to Protect Nature - Tivon Feeley

September 2015: Voyage to the Bottom of the World - Ty Smedes

October 2015:  Inside Passage: Bears, Whales Totems - Robert & Linda Scarth

November 2015:  Exploring Bats of Iowa - Russ Benedict, Guest Speaker

2014 Newsletters
January 2014: Things with Wings - Jim Durbin

February 2014: My Birding Trips to Mexico - Francis Moore

March 2014: Purple Martin Landlords - Rick Fisher

April 2014: Freshwater Mussels of Iowa - Jen Kurth

May 2014: Tropical Biodiversity: Why Should We Care? - Jim Pease

September 2014: Becky's Fen: Private Land as a Public Resource - Rebecca Kauten

October 2014: Iowa's Bird of Prey - Jodeane Cancilla

November 2014: Discovering Where We Live - Carl Kurtz