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Iowa Birds & Birding (Iowa Ornithologists' Union)

Birdcams, Podcasts & Blogs
Great Horned Owls Nest Cam -- International Owl Center, Houston, Minnesota

Decorah Eagle Cam -- Decorah, Iowa

Rosie Hummingbird Cam, La Verne, California
New! Great Gray Owl - Montana
New! Atlantic Puffin Burrow - Seal Island, Maine

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdcams
Talkin' Birds - Radio show about wild birds and the beauty of nature
Speaking of Nature - Photo blog by PRAS member, Kenneth Heiar
Ladage Photography - Photo blog by PRAS member, Kip Ladage

Identification Sites

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
All About Birds - Online Birds Guide
Audubon's Online Guide to North American Birds  
Birding Basics & Tips to Improve ID Skills 
Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching
Warbler Identification Guide
Warbler ID Tips -- Warbler ID Quiz

Birding by Ear Feb 2017 PRAS Presentation Handout

Birding Listservs--What's Being Seen by Other Birders

Iowa Ornithologists' Union - Iowa Bird Listserv -- Join the listserv to see Iowa sightings or find the link to read messages without joining
Surfbirds: The World Birding Website -- Search for Iowa or any other state or country

Birding Festivals

Other Links of Interest