2023 Bird-a-Thon Fundraiser
Through your generous contributions, PRAS will be able to support grant requests for education and conservation projects for 2023-24. The PRAS board is always appreciative of projects our members suggest for funding in our six PRAS counties. It is a “feel-good” activity.  It’s easy to contribute, print out the form below, or make a donation online using the link below. Any and all contributions are appreciated!
Bird-A-Thon 2023: Species Observed
Click the "Species Observed" link above to see the running total & names of species seen.

Bird-a-Thon Update

Hey, Audubon members (and friends),
We know you've heard of Go Fund Me pages for all kinds of causes, but this is the Audubon version and you know it better as Bird-A-Thon.  Just as a reminder this is our big fund raiser for the year and helps to support nearly all the programs that Prairie Rapids Audubon offers during the year.  Foremost are our expenses such as our newsletter, meeting costs (church rental, equipment purchases, etc.), Zoom subscription, speaker payments and web site upkeep.  
Next are the grants we give out annually primarily to projects being proposed by our county conservation boards.  Many are educational in nature and are used for years by our county naturalists.  Occasionally grants are given to local libraries again with nature education in mind.  
There are other projects that come to the board's attention that we feel deserve special funding from time to time.  Iowa Young Birders and the MOTUS Towers are a couple of examples.  You also help keep bird feeders in good condition at the Cedar Falls Visitors Center, Cedar Valley Hospice Home and Friendship Village.
If you are a local member all of your membership dues stay with our local PRAS group.  If you are a national member only a portion of your first-year membership is returned to our group.  After that all dues remain with National Audubon Society.  
We would like to wrap up Bird-A-Thon by the end of May, if possible, and not have it drag on.  Some of you have chosen to give a donation on a per species basis of those sighted during the week of World Migratory Bird Day.  This year our birders came up with a total of 176 birds. Others of you simply choose to give one lump sum.  Either way, all contributions are equally appreciated.  
We look forward to another great year of programming, birding and socializing with all of you.

Craig Rash
105 Woodland Springs Rd.
Denver, IA   50622
Bird-A-Thon Chair

Bird-A-Thon Pledge 2023
Prairie Rapids Audubon Society 501(c)(3)
Click here to get a print-friendly PDF of the Bird-A-Thon pledge form.
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Circle your pledge amount:  $.15     .25      .35     .50     1.00    Other $_______per species

                                               multiplied by the number of species  $________________

                                         or  One Lump Sum    $_______________________  

  Please mail your pledge (or check) to : Craig Rash
                                                               105 Woodland Springs Road
                                                               Denver Iowa  50622
Make check(s) payable to:  Prairie Rapids Audubon Society and indicate Birdathon on the check.

PRAS is a 501(c)(3) organization.