Mississippi River Birding/Fall Foliage tours; see the Field Trips page for details.

Wednesday Morning Birding October dates now set: See the Field Trips page for more details; join us and we'll see what warblers we can find!
Female Black and White Warbler seen Aug. 18th @ Hickory Hills, Tama Co.  Photo courtesy of Kenneth Heiar
Learn more about pollinators:
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Fontana Park Events: 
See www.buchahancountyparks.com or like Fontana Park on Facebook for details.
Sept. 22nd: Star Party
Sept. 26th: Forest Walk, Jakway Forest, two miles south of Aurora

Watch the IPTV segment of Iowa Outdoors-Raptor Banding Video

Bird-A-Thon 2017 donations are still being accepted. 

BIRD-A-THON 2017: 214 Species Observed
Your donations help us support programs & projects in our six counties. See the grants we awarded in 2017 on our page titled Making a Difference.
Solitary Sandpiper-Greenbelt Lake    Photo by Tom Schilke

Here are pictures of a few birds spotted during Bird-A-Thon. What have you seen? Email us at praudubon@gmail.com to report your bird sightings made during May 10 - May 16th so we can add them to our species list.
Pileated @ Hartman Photo by T. Schilke

Now that the birding is over, it is time to make a pledge use our print friendly pledge form. 

Remember our Bird-A-Thon campaign is our main fundraiser allowing us to produce our newsletter, The Red Tail, bring in great speakers for our programs and to support great projects and grants throughout our six county service area. 

Indigo Bunting    Photo by Tom Schilke

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